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Sunday, August 29, 2010


I`ve found a verry good possibility of income with some home typing jobs, so i`ve decided to share this information with you by starting another training articles.

My Home Typing Training will show you how to create an income from typing articles, posts, short stories, and other various tasks and posting to the Internet to get paid. These are the actual jobs you will be doing and getting paid for. You are not going to have to apply for work because you are creating the work that will create an income as I will show you in this training.
One of the main sources of income will come by way of typing very short articles. Typing articles and posting them to the Internet is the hottest thing and is rapidly expanding to include additional opportunities that are being created almost daily. The reason this has become so popular is that search engines are using fresh content on Web sites as a primary deciding factor to rank Web sites and blogs on the Internet. Web sites are constantly looking for fresh content and will pay top dollar for these articles. Not only will you be able to create content for Web sites, but I will also show you how to benefit the same way these Web sites do by typing articles for yourself and creating ways you will make money
like they do, WITHOUT having to own a Web site. You will NEVER have to pay any additional money to do anything I show you in these programs. This opportunity meets a need and a growing demand, so it is time for you to cash in on this opportunity.

You will get detailed instructions on how and where to post your articles. The most effective way I`m going to show you is how to create your own Weblogs and how you can bring readers to your blog by getting it indexed in the search engines such as Google,Yahoo and MSN at no cost. By doing this you can create traffic that in return will create the kind of income you hear about people generating everyday on the Internet. Unlike many other work-at-home programs, I will show you what other people are doing, and will show you that they are succeeding by doing these jobs I am going to have you do. I want to do this for two reasons: (1) to give you proof that this actually works, and (2) to help motivate you that by following this program and working from home you can experience financial success.

How You Will Make Money and Who Is Going to Pay You
My training for each of the four programs is very detailed. It is important for Me to teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed. For each program I will explain the pay details exactly how and when you will be paid. With all four of the programs, the primary ways you will be paid are by Check, Wire Transfer, or Pay Pal. In most cases you will have the choice of which you will get paid.

Here are just a few of the income sources these programs can generate:

Income Source #1
I have companies in my network that will pay you for articles they can publish. They will pay for fresh content articles that can be about almost anything under the sun. You could type a short article about personal experiences and get paid. As a matter of fact, many of these companies look for exactly that type of creation, original and informative. These companies will only publish original content, so you can't copy any articles that have already been posted to the Internet. In my "How to Write an Article for the Web" training I`ve showed you how, in as little as 10 minutes, to create original articles ready to be published. The amount of money you will get paid for articles will range from $10 to $100 on average. I`ve had some people get paid as much as $400 for their articles. These companies, in return, sell these articles to companies or individuals looking for fresh content to include on their Web sites in order to help their own Internet rankings. This is a great way to make money for expressing your own creative styles and thoughts.

Income Source # 2
One of the most popular and successful sources is Google AdSense. Google will PAY YOU to place their Internet contextual ad boxes on the articles you post. You get paid for people simply reading your articles (no purchasing necessary). There are two ways you will do this: (1) by placing the special Google AdSense boxes on free blogs along with the articles you will create and post to the Internet, and (2) by placing your special Google AdSense boxes to post to different revenue sharing Web sites along with your short articles. The revenue sharing companies will do all the leg work to get you the readers, and all you have to do is post the articles. I will explain all of this in much detail in the training for these programs. I will also give you another pay source by a company called BidVertiser; they will pay you exactly like Google AdSense for placing their contextual boxes in your articles.

NOTE: Do not confuse Google AdSense (which pays you) with Google AdWords, which is Google's program where you pay to put your ads on their search engine. I DO NOT USE GOOGLE ADWORDS IN THIS PROGRAM.

Income Source #3
Another source of income I will teach you about is using affiliate programs to post to your blog articles that will earn you commissions, for sales or leads when someone visits your blogs. I`m going to show you how to find subjects and create content that will be relevant to any of the over 20,000 companies you can choose from. Each company will pay you based on their own pay structure. Many of these companies will not require any application; this will allow you to start working right away. You will be able to work with some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Wal-Mart, Avon, Best Buy, Target, AT&T, Sony, Apple, eBay, Delta Airlines, Marriot Hotels, Travelocity, Tupperware, and the list goes on. Partnering and creating articles about any of these 20,000 companies will allow you to make some great money as just one of the possible income sources.

Income Source #4
Another way to make money by typing articles and blogs is from companies in my network that will pay you to post their ads to your blogs once your blogs are indexed to the search engines. You can get paid as much as $35 per day from each of the companies that want to post their ads, NO ONE has to purchase anything from them for you to get paid; you simply put their promotion banner on your blog and you get paid. I will show you how you can get as many as 5 banners on your site at one time, creating a source of income for doing nothing but having fun posting simple articles. The reason they do this is to get exposure for their Web sites. This can create as much as $175 a day and cost you nothing but a little effort.

Income Source #5
I have a great way to make money by making simple posts to online Internet forums, and blogs. As a response typist you will be able to make posts, submit pictures, or videos and get paid for your efforts. There are no catches just post and get paid. The reason these forums are willing to pay you is that they need fresh content on their sites, and you will accomplish this for them. As I train you as a response typist, you will be able to make as much $12.00 an hour to post simple comments to the Internet.

You will never see anything in my program that will ask you to spend any money. Everything I will train you on is a 100% free experience. I pride my self on my program and that I can offer you these opportunities at no cost. If you have been searching for work-at-home opportunities for a while I think you can appreciate this.

So with the next article I will start with the first method of Creating Weblogs (Blogs).


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