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Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to Make Money With Global Data Entry

Today i`ve decidet to start some courses related to this post Make Money with Data-Entry Jobs some time ago. From know on I will talk about all these 4 programs so that i made everyone can work with these progams and make money on internet from home.This courses will be free so everyone will have it. I`ve decidet not to put this information in an e-book like everyone is making, becouse there is a lot of information and there are some thinks that you can`t but in a e-book.
So I Will start with the first of my programs:

Global Data Entry Training Course & Jobs

This has always been my main program that i have spent years perfecting. Everyone who had this information has joined for this program. This is a very simple program that anyone can do as long as they are able to do a little typing. This can be as simple as typing very short lines of data and posting to the internet. I will give you complete training on this program from start to finish. I will get you on your way to earning some nice income as we mentioned before you joined. The advantage of this program to the other three programs i offer, is that it is simple to understand and get started, not to mention that it can generate income very easily.

What exactly is Global Data Entry?

As companies are beginning to realize that the Internet is rapidly becoming the best place to market their products and services, it is predicted that by the year 2012 Internet commerce for many large companies may make up to 80% of their total revenue. The problem these companies are finding out is that this retail mega-giant called the Internet is so huge, that in order to properly market on it they need all the help they can get. These companies look to outsource this part of their company to affiliate data operators, and in return the affiliate data operators charge them a fee. You are the affiliate data operator, that will provide marketing on the Internet for some of these companies. To make it easy for you to keep track of your earnings, you are going to use the administrative services we will provide you. You will never be charged a dime for the administrative services because you are providing a service to them. The companies pick up the bill for all of this, and your salary as well.

How will you market for these companies?

In our training we will focus on all the methods that are currently in use today to market for these companies. We use special posting software, e-mailings, classified ads, e-zine article posts, link generators, online forums, blogs, and search engines. The methods we teach you are currently being used by virtually all Internet marketers today. You will not just be posting ads through emails (that is what the other so-called data-entry programs teach). You will not just be posting ads for our company (also what the other so-called data-entry programs have you do). You WILL be typing and posting to the Internet using the best methods available for thousands of companies.

Video Tutorials

I will provide both illustrated text tutorials as well as HD (High Definition) video tutorials for each section of the training. You can read through the text then click on the video after each section to follow a video tutorial for the training of that section. This will help you better understand the process we are teaching for each section.

Get a Second e-Mail Account to Use for Your Work

Before we start with the training i suggest you get a secondary e-mail address to be used specifically for this business and the work you will be doing. This makes it easier to sort through your e-mail for your business and keep it separated from your personal e-mails. We have two free e-mail accounts you can choose from to get a secondary e-mail address.

Choose one of the two providers below:

You can get a second e-mail address for free at Yahoo
You can get a second e-mail address for free at Google G-Mail

We will give you a video tutorial on how to sign up for Google G-Mail:

The first administrative account is called Clickbank,

Who will list over 11,000 companies willing to pay you for your data submissions. They will pay you twice a month on or around the 1st and 15th. As an example, They will not take any taxes out of your check, but they will send a tax form 1099 at the end of the year to report your earnings. You will have the option to get paid by direct deposit, or by mailed check. You will need to provide Clickbank with an EIN which we have shown you how to obtain in our members home page. International members will not need to fill out any special tax forms, but will be required to report their own taxes to their government as specified by their tax laws.

The second administrative account is called PayDotCom.

They represent over 6,000 Web-based companies. Each company in PayDotCom's data base will pay you separately, and each company's pay dates are different. You will be paid the month after you have earned money. As an example, if you earned $3000 in May, then you would be paid in June. Since every company pays on different days, you realistically can get paid on everyday of the month. As an example, if you earned $3000 from 30 different companies in May, and all paid a different day, you could get paid $100 every day in June. Most of these companies only pay through PayPal, although some will pay you by check. We suggest getting paid through PayPal; this assures quick payment, with no chance of checks getting lost in the mail.
Our company (My-Data-Team), will pay you every month on the 15th of the month through your PayDotCom admin account. We also will use PayDotCom to track your earnings. We currently only will pay through PayPal or mailed check with prior approval from us. However, we are working on setting up payment options such as: Alertpay, or E-Gold.
So i will start the course with my nest post.In my nest post i will
explain how to start with the first administrative account .


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