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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Make Money With PayDotCom-Part I

As I said in the article How to Make Money With Global Data Entry In this article I will explain how to make money with PayDotCom.

I.Getting Signed-Up with PayDotCom Administrative Account:

To get you started you will have you sign up with the first pay account that will take care of all the administrative aspects of your data-entry marketing job. This administrative account will allow you to login at any time to check on your current earnings, select the companies you would like to work for, contact any of the companies you may have questions about, and get your promotion links to post to the Internet. PayDotCom is a 100% free to join, and you are never, EVER charged for their service! Remember, the companies you are working for are paying the administrative costs.

NOTE: PayDotCom.com is 100% FREE for you to use as an affiliate. If PayDotCom.com ever asks for money, DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY. The only people that have to pay at PayDotCom.com are the companies listing their Web sites on PayDotCom for
you to work for. If you are ever asked to supply credit card information at any time, just "SKIP" those sections. You never need to supply any payments or payment information. PayDotCom.com is set up to PAY YOU, NOT FOR YOU TO PAY THEM.

Just to clarify things, their name is PayDotCom.com NOT Pay.com. This is a common mistake when it comes time to login and start working. PayDotCom com has thousands companies that offer digital-delivered products. You can use your PayDotCom account for my company as well (My-Data-Team.com). Follow my step-by-step instructions for sign-up, and you will be ready for the next step in my training.

You can use the TEXT TUTORIAL and/or the VIDEO TUTORIAL which is located at the end of the text tutorial training for your training of this section.


To begin the sign up process with PayDotCom
(We suggest you bookmark the page this takes you to, for this is where you will log into your account after sign-up)

Click on the"SIGN UP" button at the top of the page.

The Sign-Up Screen

Will Look LikeThis: Top Part of Sign-Up Page

I`ve broke the sign-up page into two parts. The upper part will be your personal information such as: choosing a username and password, your personal contact information, who you want your checks made out to, where you want them sent, and your SSN or EIN so they can process your tax information. You will only need to fill in the SSN or EIN if you are a U.S. resident. It is VERY IMPORTANT that your username is what you will use to create the special promotion links for all the companies you will be doing work for. So make sure it is professional looking to these companies.

The Sign-Up Screen Will

Look Like This: Bottom Part of Sign-up Page

In lower part of the sign-up page, you are going to enter your PayPal account email ID (If you prefer PayPal payments). If you do not have a PayPal account that is okay and you will use your email address to place where it asks "PayPal email. You can then check to be paid by check. All the PayDotCom companies will pay by the PayPal method, and not all will pay by check.

If you would like to sign up for a free PayPal account we have a sign up tutorial video for you to view here:

PayPal Account Sign Up Tutorial

After you have filled in the information required, you then will check off the next two boxes, receive notification, and most importantly is to agree to PayDotCom.com's terms and conditions.

You will have to then fill in the letter/number sequence to verify, click

Your Account Home Page:

This is what your main account screen will look like. You can familiarize yourself with some of the features as you wish. I`m going to go over all the key features of PayDotCom in the next section of training.

Upgrade Account: Something that confuses new members about the "Premier Membership" option in your PayDotCom account is that this is for companies ONLY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO UPGRADE because you are an affiliate, not a company, promoting on PayDotCom. YOU WILL NEVER PAY ANY MONEY TO PAYDOTCOM.


II.PayDotCom Administrative Account Features

I will show you the key features of your PayDotCom administrative account. I will go into more detail in the next sections of my course on how to use some of the features, such as choosing companies, getting payment details, etc.

You can use the TEXT TUTORIAL and/or the VIDEO TUTORIAL which is located at the end of the text tutorial training for your training of this section.




The four blue boxes are only if you want to promote PayDotCom, have a Web site or blog, or want to see the current news. You will not need to worry about these blue boxes for this program as you do not need a Web site or blog.


Here is where you can get detailed reports on your earnings from each company for any particular time.


This feature is similar to the "MY SALES" but is limited to earnings for the day, the last seven days, and the last thirty day.


When it comes time to choose any of the thousands of companies to promote, you will choose this option.


Here is an up-to-the minute place to check your daily, last seven-days, and last thirty-day earnings.

You will never need to worry about the "MY PRODUCTS," "MANAGE AFFILIATES," or any of the "MAKE PAYMENT" features of your PayDotCom account. These are all for companies that are promoting their own sites on PayDotCom's marketplace.

You will not need to worry about the "PROMOTION CENTER" button either. This is only if you want to promote PayDotCom.com, which is not required.

Always check for messages in your INBOX. Here is where the companies will contact you in regards to your promotions, payments, and incentives.


Here ends Part I of the course. In the part II of this course i will show you how to select the PayDotCom Companies and which are the best Companies to promote. So follow the Part II.


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