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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Make Money With PayDotCom-Part II

As I said at the end of the first part in this articol I will show you how to select the PayDotCom Companies and which are the best Companies to promote. So follow this pice!

III. How to Select the Companies in PayDotCom

I`m going to show you how to locate and select the companies to promote in your PayDotCom account. I will show you how your pay will be determined based upon each company's offer to you.

You can use the TEXT TUTORIAL and/or the VIDEO TUTORIAL which is located at the end of the text tutorial training for your training of this section.

How to Select Companies for:


You first will need to log into your PayDotCom account HERE

After you have logged into your account, click on the "PROMOTE PRODUCTS," and
then the select sub-menu "FROM MARKETPLACE" as show below:

You will see the following marketplace page:

On the marketplace page you will be able to locate any of the thousands of companies using two methods:

A. Search: You can search for a particular company by name, or by the type of product they are selling, e.g., "Work from Home," "Internet TV," "I-POD," "Diet Companies," etc.

Product Category: You can select companies by a particularcategory, such as: "Computing & Internet," "Money & Employment," "Health & Fitness," etc.

For training purposes i will search for a company using the search box. I`m going to type a search for a popular product, "9000 Satellite TV Channels" After you type a search for "9000 Satellite TV Channels" in the search box.

Then following page will be displayed:

You will get a list of companies on the result page. For our example we are going to use the company listed first.

A. Companies Title and Sale Price: Here you see a brief description of the company, as well as the amount this company charges for their product or service.

B. Pay Level and Commission Percentage: You will be considered "Level 1" and the amount shown for Level 1 is the percentage amount you will make for every sale your promotion provides. In our example company above you would make 60% of the $39.95 for every sale your promotion produces. So for this company you would make approximately $23.00 for every commission. Every company will offer different amounts of commissions; the usual amount is about 50% or more.

C. Promote: When you decide to promote a company, you will click on this "PROMOTE" button to retrieve your special affiliate promotion links that are needed to add into all of your data submissions. This will be the link you place into all of your data submissions that you will be posting to Internet in part 2. (We are going to show you how to do this in the next section of the training.)

D. Visit Sales Page: If you would like to visit the company's Web site before deciding to do work for them, you can do so by selecting the "Visit Sales Page" button.

E. View Vendors Profile: If you would like to see information about the person or company that will be paying you, this is where you can see their information, as well as for any other companies listed on PayDotCom.

F. Contact Vendor: If you have any questions you would like to ask the company/vendor, you can do so by clicking on the "Contact Vendor" option.

G. APS: This score is calculated on a daily basis and it depends on a number of factors such as the number of sales, total refunds, and affiliate earnings with special emphasis put on the number of unique affiliates making sales over the last 150 days with recent transactions having more relevance.

Basically the APS will tell the most popular companies and best earners for affiliates over the last 150 days. I will suggest to look at the high APS companies but do not entirely use high APS companies. The reason is that there are some very good companies on PayDotCom that may be newer to the program. So if you see a company you want to promote with a lower APS then go for it. The advantage of a lower APS is that you will not see a lot of people promoting it, which can help your chances at earnings.

Most of these companies will approve you automatically. There are a few companies that will manually approve you, and they will send you notification of approval through the "Inbox" of your PayDotCom account.

This is how you will search for and select companies based on their pay offers. In training Section IV, I will show you how to exactly select your company's affiliate promotion links, and in training Section V I`m going to show you WHERE to post the promotion links for your pay.


IV. Getting the Promotion Links for Each PayDotCom Company

Once you have located the companies you would like to promote, you will need to obtain their special promotion links in order to get credit for any sales/leads/commissions or click credits you produce through your promotions.

You can use the TEXT TUTORIAL and/or the VIDEO TUTORIAL which is located at the end of the text tutorial training for your training of this section.

Promotion Links
Every company will assign you a Web-site link URL (Uniform Resource Locater) URLs are how the World Wide Web (Internet) identifies Web sites based on a special address, which is the URL For example, Yahoo's URL is
http://www.Yahoo.com, which is how the World Wide Web identifies and locates Yahoo's Web site. The promotion links will work the same way since each company will embed special characters into their URL links that will identify you as the promoter, thus creating your promotion link.

These promotion links will only identify you as the provider, and when someone clicks on your promotion link to enter any of these companies Web sites, you will be credited for the visit. You will earn if that particular person were to purchase, try a free offer (lead), or for the visit itself, depending on the company. As mentioned each company will list how they will pay you before you decide to do any promotions for them.

Some of the affiliate promotion links/hoplinks are very long, so I suggest you copy and paste your links when it comes time to get these links for promoting. If you do not know how to copy and paste, you can go to the following link:

Getting Promotion Links for Your



In order to get your affiliate promotion links for any PayDotcom companies, you will need to be logged into your PayDotcom account.

For our training purposes, I will have you pick up where you left off in Section IIIa, How to Select the Companies. Go back to the marketplace and type a search for "9000 Satellite TV Channels" and locate the company we were working with previously.

Here is the page again:

Any time you decide you would like to promote a company on PayDotCom, you will click on the "PROMOTE" button.

After you click on the "PROMOTE" button you will be at this page:

You will find your promotion link on this page under the section that says "Just the link." You will need to copy the complete link including the "https://" So, as for our example, our promotion link is:


The "1name1" in the promotion link will be replaced with YOUR PayDotCom username you chose when you signed up with PayDotCom.com.

Here is a breakdown of what a Affiliate Promotion Link contains:


PUBLISHER #: This is the unique code for the company you are promoting. This is how PayDotCom will track your promoting efforts for any of the companies your promote. Each affiliate promotion link you create for each company will have a different Publisher #.

AFFILIATE: You are the affiliate, and you will use your Nickname that your PayDotCom account is named (same one you used to sign up with). So when your data submissions create a sale, that it how it will be tracked back to your PayDotCom account. This will always be the same when you create an affiliate promotion link with PayDotCom.

CODE#: This is a code not relevant to track your promotions, it is an internal code only used by PayDotCom.

Another Example:
So if your PayDotCom nickname is "pete123," and the PayDotCom company's publisher ID # was "13541," (as we used in our example above) then the complete PayDotCom affiliate promotion link would look like this:


This is the link you will need to use in the promoting methods I will show you in Section VI of this training course. Remember EVERY COMPANY WILL ASSIGN YOU A DIFFERENT LINK, so you will need to do this each time you choose a company to submit data to the Internet.



V. Best PayDotCom Companies to Promote

I will show you some good companies that you can promote in PayDotCom. I will also show you how to promote My-Data-Team from PayDotCom.

In addition to the thousands of companies to promote in PayDotCom.com, I currently have about 28 additional companies that are exclusive for you to promote.

Here is where you will have the opportunity to promote my company My-Data-Team.com if you choose in reward to the infornation i provided to you. I will pay you 50% of any of the sales your promotion produces. Promoting my Web site is optional and not required as in many of the other data-entry marketing programs. You will find that my program converts very well, because people are actually getting something for their money.

As I have shown you that you can use the APS on the companies in PayDotCom and I will list some good companies for you to promote from PayDotCom I sponsor here.

Here is a list of some good PayDotCom companies for you to promote, complete with commission payouts, search engine keywords, and links to each of the sites for you to check out for yourself.

The links are ready to go, just copy the promotion link I provide for each company, then replace the red text "yourpaydotcomname" in every link to YOUR Paydotcom username. These links I provide will not be active until you place your PayDotCom name in the link so if you click on them they will not work until you put your PayDotCom username in.

I will also list the top keywords for search engine placement. This will be a metod I suggest in Section VI of the Global-Data-Entry course if you choose to use that method.

Click on the link to download a list of the best Companies:



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