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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Posting Data Submissions To Internet-Part I

This is the PART 2 of Global Data EntryCourse!

I. Where to Promote the Companies
I`m now ready to teach you how to promote your links for any of the companies you choose from PayDotCom.com, or the Clickbank.com companies. I will give you the best marketing tools available on the Internet some tools that are free, and some that have additional costs. It will be up to you to decide if you want to make an additional investment when it comes to promoting your companies. If you are not willing to spend additional money, that is okay, you can still succeed. If you decide to invest additional money into promotion, I assure you that you will not be spending money for sign-ups, more software, etc. You will only be spending money when you have the possibility of making an income in return. I will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of both free and paid promotion tools as well.

Posting to FREE promotion Tools
The best way to use the free promotion tools I provide is to work with one company at a time, and submit it using all the tools I have. Once you have posted your company to all the free posting tools, then you can choose another company from any of the three sources (PayDotCom, Clickbank) and post them down the line of free tools. You will keep repeating this as often as you wish. After each month, you can start over with the first company you posted, and so-on and so-on. You do not want to post the same company more than once a month to the free tools we list, but with all the companies that are available this should not be a problem.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Promotion tools
The advantages of the free promoting/posting tools are the obvious, they're FREE!, and they have proved to be very effective. The disadvantage is that they can sometimes take a little longer to produce results, up to one or two weeks. However, that is not always the case as members have seen commissions, leads, and clicks within a day after posting. I just want to prepare you for the worst by telling you that a little patience is needed when using the free promotional tools.

Posting to the paid methods
The paid methods will work a little differently. You will use sources that let you place online submissions by a method called Pay Per Click (PPC). What this means is that you only pay when your promotion is clicked on by a potential buyer, and you are never charged unless your promotion is clicked. The biggest advantage of PPC is that you are drawing what is called "Targeted" traffic to your promotion. This simply means that you are getting people looking for what you are promoting, and they are searching for the products you are providing through your promotion links. That is why this type of marketing is the best on the Internet and has made a lot of people rich. My training will assure that you will have the advantage over other people using these same promotional methods.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the paid promoting tools
The biggest advantage to using the paid tools is getting targeted buyers to whatever company you are promoting. This can not only start producing earnings within the same day of using them, but can produce a lot of earnings almost instantly. The disadvantage of using the paid promotion tools is again the obvious, they do cost money. Costing money is one thing, but losing money is another, and we are going to show you how to use these PPC effectively so you will not lose money. The search engine sites I train you on have costs per clicks as low as 1¢, with an average of about 65¢ per click. I will show you what a few cents can make you in return in the paid promotion methods.

II. Get Prepared to Promote Your Companies
Get a second e-mail account
Be sure to have your secondary business e-mail account established as I had shown you how to do in this post
How to Make Money With Global Data Entry. This will be important to have for the posting of your data submissions I will show you how to do in this Part 2.

I have a HD video tutorial on how to set up a free Google G-Mail account at the start of Global Data Entry Part 1 that you can use for your secondary e-mail account.

Research the company you are going to promote
After you have selected any of the thousands of companies from PayDotCom, or Clickbank, you are going to want to do a little research on the particular company you have chosen. Start by visiting the company's Web site and take note of some key selling points the company is making to its buyers. Act as if you are the buyer; look for features that would catch your eye about the company's product. For example, if you are promoting a certain company and they offer free shipping on all their products, make a note of that; or note if they are offering a special 10% off certain items, if they offer a money-back guarantee, or have special bonuses. Once you have a good idea of what the Web site is offering, along with their special selling points, this will make it easy to create your titles and descriptions when it is asked for by the promotion tools.

Have your promotion link ready
When you decide on the company you are going to promote, you will need to copy your special promotion link, like we showed you in Section IV.
The easiest way save your links is to copy and paste them into a document file on your computer such as Microsoft Word or Note Pad. This way, whenever you are asked for the Web site URL, you can copy and paste it from Word or Note pad directly into the posting tool.

III. Posting with Free Tools
Here you post one company at a time to free tools 1 through 5. After you have posted the one company you will have the choice to use the paid submission tools. You can then select another company and follow these same instructions.

What you are going to accomplish by posting to the free promoting tools is
1.) Getting your promotion/hoplink into search directories:
2.) Getting your promotion/hoplink placed into search engines by natural indexing:
3.) Helping the search indexing by creating what is called back-links to your promotion/hoplink:
4.) Announcing your promotion/hoplink by typing data submissions in articles, and e-mailings.
5.) Placing your promotion/hoplink on to Web pages like classifieds, Craigslist and Squidoo.

The objective is not so much to promote the company you choose, but to promote your link to the company. Here is where many data-entry marketing programs fail by only focusing on the promotion of the company itself by just typing ads, and not your links which is what will generate your income once indexed on the search engines for the long term. These methods are currently be used by Internet marketers to successfully create a residual income. Typing ads will work as well for the short term, but we also must focus on the long term as well. That is what I`m going to have you do by using these methods i will show you. Do note that many of these methods will create income for the short term as well, and many times in as little as a day or two after posting.

You can post as many companies as you would like to these posting tools. However, I do suggest you do one at a time. I will list the posting frequency for each company in each of these tools, along with the destination where your promotion link will end up, and the approximate time it will take to post to the destination source and to start seeing results.

I`m going to give you detailed instructions on how to use all of the following tools. If you follow the directions I provide, these will be very simple processes to complete. Many of the methods I use are done using automated posting software that will save you hours from the old conventional methods that were used in the past.

Posting Method #1 - Search Engine Submitters
A. Automated Submitting
B. Manual Submitting
Posting Method #2 - Directories
Posting Method #3 - Posting to Classifieds
A. Basic Classifieds
B. Craigslist
Posting Method #4 - Opt-in E-mailers
Posting Method #5 - Article Submitting

A. Manual Article Submission
B. Automated Article Submission

Introduction To Global-Data-Entry 2 Video

Daily Routines & Getting Organised Video

Posting Method #1 - Search Engine Submitter


Hundreds of search engines for indexing

Result Time:

1 - 2 Weeks on average, up to 4 weeks max.

Posting Frequency:

Post each company just ONCE to this tool

The object of this tool
The primary object of this tool is to post your promotion links to the search engines for indexing. This means that after you have posted your promotion links, an automated bot, also known as "search spiders," will visit your link, which actually will direct them to the Web site of the company you are promoting. The Web site will tell the search engines how and where to index your promotion link, such as the search terms it will show up under during a search. If you go to some of the search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, or Google, you will see millions of Web sites showing up on searches; many are affiliate links such as your promotion links.

Take a close look as the links that show up when you search, notice that they are odd looking, more like codes than an actual Web site address. These are affiliate links, and are there to stay. Imagine the residual income that these affiliate marketers are earning without doing another thing to promote these sites. It will take a little time to get on the first pages of the search engines, but if you follow our instructions it can happen.

Posting to the search engines using ONE or TWO ways I provide. I first will have an automated software for you to download and use to post your links automatically. If you are having issues downloading, installing or using the automated software then we will provide a manual submitting link. Both will work in the same manner and get your links posted and indexed, so there is not and advantage of using one or the other.

How Often You Should Submit Links to Search Engines

You will only need to submit each link once every 30 days or longer. This means you can submit as many of your PayDotCom and Clickbank company links as you would like, just do not repeat the same exact link within 30 days of original submission date.


The first of the search engine submitting tools is an automated search submitter software program. You can download the software from our servers to be placed on your computer, so you can submit any of your promotion links and/or hoplinks to this software when you choose.

NOTE: If you have any issues with the software we provide, use the "Manual Search Submitter" option below.

STEP 1 - Downloading Software

(Save to your Desktop)

Download Instructions
A. - After you have downloaded the software and saved to your computer's Desktop, click the install icon.

B. - Click the "RUN" button

C. - Keep Clicking the "NEXT" button to until the software is installed. make sure to leave the "Create Desktop" box checked so you will have easy access to the software once downloaded.

The software will now be downloaded to your computer.

NOTE: If you see the following error:

"Component "Tabctl32.ocx" or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid."

This software will not properly work on your computer, so I will suggest to use the MANUAL submitting option provided below to submit your links. I`m working to get this error fixed, but there is currently no resolve to this error at this time.

STEP 2 - Entering your PayDotCom and/or Clickbank links
After you click on the "Easy Submit Website" icon the page will look like this:

Here is how to submit your links with this software:

URL - Enter your PayDotCom or Clickbank links in this box. The software will prove the http:// and the https:// for you. Just enter the remaining part of the link after the http:// or https://.

For PayDotCom links you will select the https:// from the drop down.

For Clickbank use the default http://

SITE TITLE - You will enter about 7 to 10 words that briefly describes the company you are promoting. For example if you were promoting a dog training site you may use a title like

"Top dog training techniques in one program"

It is always a good idea to visit the site you are promoting to get some good titles and descriptions. you can use some wording from the site you are promoting as well to make it easier.

DESCRIPTION - Here you can get into more detail about what the site you are promoting is offering. Usually about 20 to 30 words is fine. Using the same dog training program as an example you could write a description such as:

"World famous dog trainer will show you all the best techniques to train your dog in 30 days or less. Get this program today risk free."

CATEGORY - Select the best category that fits the company you are submitting. If you cannot find a category that fits select the "Internet" category.

KEYWORDS - If you can think of a few good keywords that will get searched then you can enter them here. You can use the keywords for the companies we listed here as well. If you cannot think of any keywords then leave blank. The search engines will use the actual company's Web site you are promoting keywords they list.

YOUR NAME - Enter your first and last name here.

COMPANY - Enter your name again here for your company.

EMAIL - Enter your e-mail address here.


After you have entered your companies links and information as described above, click the "ENGINES" tab located at the bottom of the software.

STEP 3 - Select Search Engines to Submit

After click the "ENGINES" tab you will then be at this page:

You will want to check off ALL of the search engines listed on this page

After you have selected all of the search engines, click the "SUBMIT" tab at the bottom of screen.

STEP 4 - Submitting Links

After you click the "SUBMIT" tab you will then be at this page:

All you need to do is click the "START SUBMITTING" button as I`ve outlined above in the red box.

You can click the "REPORT" button at any time to get a status of the submissions. It will be common that there will be errors with some submissions as not all search engines will accept the links.



Go to this link: http://www.needhits.net/url_submitter/

After you go to the search submitting Web site the screen will look like the following:


A. - Enter your PayDotCom promotion link or Clickbank Hoplink for the company you are submitting in the first box “MY URL”

When posting your promotion link for PAYDOTCOM companies you will need to REMOVE the "S" in the "httpS://" of your promotion link so it only reads
http://. This posting tool cannot read the "s" in the http:// protocol. You will not need to do this for Clickbank promotion hoplinks as they are already http:// protocols.

B. - Enter your e-mail address in the second box.

Leave at default for selection of search engines which are already checked, which means you do not need to do anything with the search engines.

NOTE: You will NOT need to enter a title and description for the manual submitting method. These seach engines will use the actual Web site you are promoting to get the title and description.

C. - Click the "ADD URL" button and your link will be submitted.

After the search submitter submits your links you will get a report when it is done. It is very common to see a few search engine ERRORS and not summiting your site. Even if you get an error from search engines such as Google, etc. it does not mean that ill will not get indexed on those search engines. What will happen is the search engines it does not submit to will pick up your links off the search engines it does submit to.

This will submit to around 30 or so main search submitters, from there another thousands or more will pick up your links and index into their search engines.

Step 3
Go to your e-mail you listed at the time of submission and check for a confirmation e-mail. IT IS COMMON NOT TO RECEIVE ANY CONFIRMATION OF YOUR SUBMISSION as confirmations are randomly selected. If you do receive a confirmation email, Click on the confirmation link in the email that is sent. Your promotion/hoplink will then be submitted.

If you did not receive any confirmation e-mail will mean your link was automatically submitted without any problems.

In my next post I will show you the other 4 posting methods.


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