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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Posting Data Submissions To Internet-Part II

As I promised in last post I will continue with the 2 and 3 posting methods.

Posting Method #2 - Ad Directories


Hundreds of search directories

Result Time:

Posts instantly - will take about 3 -5 days to appear in directories

Posting Frequency:

Post each company ONCE every 30 days

The object of this tool
The directory sites you will post to will post your submissions, usually instantly. These blaster sites will then feed your submission to hundreds of Internet ad directories. This will not get you direct results, but will accumulate a nice web presence. Since it takes about 60 seconds or less to post, it is a great additional promotion tool.

I will show you how to use this posting method.

When posting your promotion link for PAYDOTCOM companies you will need to REMOVE the "S" in the "httpS://" of your promotion link so it only reads http://. This posting tool cannot read the "s" in the http:// protocol. You will not need to do this for Clickbank promotion hoplinks as they are already http:// protocols.

Manual Ad Directory Submitter

These are Web-based sites to post to, so you do not need to download anything. Go to the following links:



Step 2
Web-site Title: You will enter a title about the company you are promoting.

Web-site URL: Enter your PayDotCom promotion link or Clickbank Hoplink for the company you are submitting

Email Address: Enter your e-mail address here.

D. -
Select Section: - Select the category that fits the company you are promoting.

When done, select "Add My Link" and you are done.

Posting Method #2 - VIDEO TUTORIAL

Posting Method #3 - Posting to Classifieds


Classifieds Ad Directories

Result Time:

Can be as soon as one hour after posting

Posting Frequency:

Post each company to as many different locations as possible

The object of this tool
The previous two posting tools have focused on your links for longer term results. The next four methods will focus on what is called "Web Announcements" which are designed to focus on getting more instant results by letting people know about the company and products you are promoting. One great method we have found is posting to classifieds, which will give you the option to upgrade to a paid account that will allow you to post more frequently as well as some other options, but this is completely up to you to do so. This is why I list many sites to post to so you will always have ad sites to post to without upgrading to paid account and keeping this a 100% free method.
There are two types of free classified sites we will teach you; "Required Sign-up, and "NO Sign-Up needed."

Required sign-up classified ad sites
The required sign-up classified ad sites are a good option if you decide to post a lot of classified ads to a particular site. The reason is that once you sign up for your FREE account the first time, it is simple to log-in to your account and post your ads. Because there is a sign-up this does not mean there is any fees, these are 100% free to post your ads to.

NO sign up needed
The NO sign-up classified are nice in one regard; you do not have to sign up for an account, however, the problem with the no sign up sites is that you will have to enter your Name, Address, Phone Number, etc. every time you want to post an ad. If you only post on occasions than this may be a good option. These will always be 100% free to use.

How To Use FREE Classifieds
I will give you a tutorial on the two main types of classified ad sites (required sign-up, and NO sign-up classified ad sites). Before I do that you should know the general guidelines on how to use the classified ad sites I will list.

1) Many free classifieds will have you sign up for a free account to post; you will need to present them with your information as they request. Use your 2nd e-mail account for signing-up as well.

2) To post your classified ad, you will need to select a category that will best fit the companies product you are promoting; for example, if you are promoting a site that offers dog training, then find a category like "Pets" and post your Dog training ad with your affiliate promotion link/hoplink for your Paydotcom or Clickbank companies that pertain to Dog training. If you cannot find a suitable category, then you can choose "Other," "Misc," or "Services Offered," as an alternative.

3) Some classified sites will have you select a price; so you will need to put the price that the company you are promoting is charging for the product or service. If you do not know the price, go the Web site of the company you are promoting and find the price. If you do not see the price on web page, then click as if you were going to order the product or service so you can get the price at check out before committing to purchase.

4) Now some of these classifieds may want you to select a location. You should try to select the broadest range possible, such as Global, World or Nation. If you have to be more specific then you have the choice to select a smaller location that will have less competition, but also less people searching your ads, OR you can select larger location like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles etc., that will have more people searching your ads but, more competition. I suggest to mix it up a little.

5) You will also need to put a contact for the ad you place. This can be done by using your e-mail address. If you ever have to put your Name, Address, or phone number, that will never be displayed in your ad as it is only for you administration account with classified ad company. If you get contact in regards to the ad you placed you will direct the prospective buyer(s) to the web site through your affiliate promotion link/hoplink. As I will show you in the Craigslist tutorial you will need to do this frequently because Craigslist will not allow you to post your affiliate promotion links in the body description of the ad you place.


NO Sign-Up Classified Sites









* Alamonet - You must select the category on their index page first, then select the green box that says "Post Ad"

* Indian List - This is only for residents of India to use.

Required Sign-Up Classified Sites



* Craigslist - I will need to show you how to post to the best classified site in the world "Craigslist" in a separate tutorial below. The way to post your classified ads to Craigslist is different than the other sites I will show you, and the reason is that Craigslist does not allow you to place your affiliate links in the ad description.

# MySpace - In order to post a free classified to MySpace classifieds you will need to sign up for a free MySpace account. If you already have a MySpace account simply click on the link above and click on "Post an Ad - FREE." Many members also will set up a free MySpace page and post their promotion/hoplinks links on there as well. That is optional and you do not need to set up any pages in order to use the free classified ads with MySpace. This is one of the best classifieds to use.

A. How to post to classified ad sites
With the exception of Craigslist, which I will give you a special tutorial later, most of these classifieds listed above will be formatted as follows:

Here is a typical classified ad posting screen:

Departments/Categories - Select the best category that fits the company's product/service you are promoting.

Subject - This is where you will enter a title subject of the company you are promoting.

Department not listed (Optional) - If you could not find a category that fit your company, you can suggest on for future use here.

Brief Description - You will now need to give some more details about the company you are promoting, here is where you can add special selling points you have gathered in your research of the company you are promoting. You will want to add a call-to-action such as "For more information" or "To find out more go to" followed by your affiliate promotion link/hoplink as we have shown in the example above. Notice we place this a few lines below the actual description so it stands out.

Some classified ad sites may offer an option for a "Web site URL," here you would add your promotion link/hoplink to this option as well as adding it to the description of your ad as shown above.

Posting to Classifieds - VIDEO TUTORIALS




B. How to post to Craigslis

Craigslist is one of the simplest ways you will find to post your data submission ads. Craigslist is also the largest free classifieds on the Internet, and receives over 15 BILLION page views a month from over 20 million users. Imagine the results with this many readers; it is pretty amazing. There is another benefit of posting to Craigslist besides getting quick results; the ads you post can get indexed by the search engines. If you go to Google.com and type a search for various items, you will see that Craigslist ads actually get indexed on the first pages of Google. So you could have your ad seen by millions of people doing searches on Google as well. Even when your ad expires on Craigslist, it will stay active for months on Google. These are great reasons to use Craigslist to increase your income potential.

I`m going to show you some tips to assure you get the best results in a short amount of time. Craigslist does not allow you to use your affiliate promotion link for it is against their regulations. I`m going to show you a way you can still post to this classified monster that will take a little extra work on your part, but will prove to be worth the effort. I will start you out by getting you signed up with a free account. I will then show you how to select locations, and what category to post your companies and promotion links in.

Basic rules for Craigslist

There are a few basic rules that you will need to keep in mind when posting to Craigslist.

1) You can only post one ad to one location. You can post as many ads as you would like, but not the same ad to more than one location. Once your ad expires you can repost it to the same location, or to another location. So if you want to post the same company to more than one location, you would have to type a completely different ad to post it to another location.

2) You will NEVER post to the "Jobs" section of Craigslist, because 1.) it costs money and 2.) there are strict regulations to meet to qualify for posting to the "Jobs" category.

3) You cannot make false promises in your ads. For example, if you type "Join today and get a free DVD player." We will show you some features that will get the readers attention without being deceptive.

4.) As I have previously mentioned you cannot post your affiliate promotion link in your classified ad. I`m going to show you an alternative that works great.

There are some additional rules Craigslist has, but I have listed the main ones above.


Go to CRAIGSLIST by clicking HERE

Step 2

Click on "MY ACCOUNT" located in left top column.

Step 3

Click on "Don't have an account? Click here to sign up"

Step 4

Enter the e-mail address you will use to log into your account, fill in the confirmation code, and submit.

Step 5

Craigslist will send you a confirmation link to your e-mail to confirm your account. Click on that confirmation link and you will be prompted to choose your password for your account..

Step 6

You will then need to accept the Craigslist agreement. After you accept you will be brought to your newly created account home page.

The home page will look like this:

This will be the main account screen. Here you can do the following:

A. Choose the location where you want to post your ad.

B. See the status of all of your current ads.

C. All your current ads will be posted here.

To start your ad, you will need to select a location. There are two ways to look at this. First, you can choose a large metropolitan area like New York, Chicago, L.A, San Francisco, etc. The upside to this is that you will get more possibilities of traffic. The downside to posting to large metro areas is you will have a lot more competition with many more ads listed.

Second, if you choose to post to a smaller location, you will not have as much traffic as the larger areas, BUT you will not have as much competition in the smaller areas.

You can experiment with either; the choice is yours.

For my training I will use the S.F. Bay area to show you how to post your classifieds.

After you have chosen the area you would like to post to, you will then need to select the "type of posting" for placing your ad. You can take a look at the different types of postings Craigslist offers to see if the company you are promotion may fit into a particular niche. Ninety-nine per cent of the time you are going to want to select the "Services Offered" category.

After you select "Services Offered" you will then see the following categories:

Here you will select the category that may fit the company's product you are promoting. The best place to post is the "Small Biz Ads" if you cannot find a good category for posting your ad for the company you are promoting.

After you choose, your category you will be brought to the following screen:

Here you can choose any of the sub-areas of your metropolitan area. Craigslist will post your ad to all of these areas by default.

After you select any of the areas, you will be brought to the following screen:

You will click on the "Bypass This Step" option.

You will then be brought to the ad-posting screen that looks like this:

Posting Title: This will be the most important part of the ad because this is what the visitor will see first. The key to a good title is to get the reader's attention in the short amount of text you will post in the title line. Some great words to use in your title are: "Must Read," "Save Money," and the best of all, "FREE." If the company's product is not free, then you will not be able to post that. However, if you are getting paid for a lead for a free trial, this is the best time to place "FREE" in your title. You must also make sure you give a brief description of what it is you are promoting. For example if you are promoting a free trial to a weight-loss program, then your title would read: "Lose weight in the next 30 days - FREE TRIAL!" You will want the reader to know what it is you are selling.

Specify Location: Leave this blank; you have already chosen your location.

Posting Description: Now you can go into more detail about what you are promoting. Always type your ad as if you are the person selling the product or service. So you will use words like: "I," "ME," "OURS," "MINE," etc. You do not want to sound like a third party promoting and speaking of "THEIR," "THEM," etc. You want to make the ad more personable.

A VERY IMPORTANT part of your ad is letting the reader know to contact you for more details. The reason is that you will want the person to reply directly to your e-mail you are going to list with your advertisement. Once the person contacts you through Craigslist, you will re-direct them to your affiliate promotion link/hoplink in your response e-mail. I will explain more on how to properly do that.


If you are like me and are tired of these outrageous gas prices, you should check out my site, Gas-Savers. There are 62 ways guaranteed to save you money at the pump. Stop paying the crazy gas prices, and start saving today. I will even give you some cool free bonuses I think you will enjoy.

To find out more contact me at (Your e-mail address) to find out more details.

You notice how I noted to contact us separately from the body of the ad description with the "call to action" of "To find out more go to." This is what you will want to do in all your ads on Craigslist.

Also take a look how this ad was written short and to the point, as well as being personable by using the word "my." Also pointed out was that this site "Gas-Savers" will give the visitor additional bonuses and a guarantee.

You always want to point out the good selling points from the company's Web site you are promoting will list.

Email: - You will then add your e-mail address, and the verify it by adding it again.

Reply To: - If you do not want to list your e-mail address in the description of the ad, leave this option on the default which will not list your e-mail address. It will be sent to a Craigslist e-mail, then directed to your e-mail address.

Responding to e-mails from your ad
Once you receive an e-mail for any questions in regards to the ad you posted, you can then respond to the person e-mailing by re-directing them to the companies Web site by giving them your promotion link in the e-mail response. You would simply reply by saying something like:

"Go to this site to find out more and if you have any additional questions you can contact the Web site directly, and they can answer any questions you may have."

This will assure they visit the site, and you will get the credit for the commission, lead, or click as long as you give them the correct promotion link for the company. This takes a little extra work on your part but, you will see how well this works. A little tip I can give you to make this a little easier is to make up separate pre-written drafts in your e-mail account. This will make it easy by copying and pasting your response to the person making the inquiry about your ad.

As I have mentioned in the above about how to respond to e-mails in regards to your ads on Craigslist, I have another way that will make the responding process easier and automated. If your current e-mail provided has an option for auto-responders you can use that feature to automatically respond to e-mail requests. You will set up a pre-written email (as mentioned above)with your promotion link in the e-mail and set it up to automatically send out the response to the potential buyer. This will allow you more freedom so that you will not need to manually respond to each e-mail. If your current e-mail provider does not have an auto-responder option you can search the Internet for "E-Mail Responders" and you probably will find free ones to use.

Verifying your Ad
When you are done with your ad, submit it; then you will have to do a verification, and check off an agreement. Craigslist may randomly select to do a phone verification. They will want to verify your phone number to assure you are a real person. This does not happen on all ads you place, but may happen from time-to-time.

Note: If you are having problems verifying your ad by phone, you will need to contact Craigslist to work out other means of verification. I`m sorry but I cannot intervene in this process due to dealing with personal information needed for verification.

When you are done with your ad, submit it; then you will have to do a verification, and check off an agreement.

After you have selected the agreement, you will then be brought to the confirmation that your ad has been received for review (see below screen), and a confirmation will be sent to your e-mail. Usually your ads will be running in less than 15 minutes after you post it.

You can do as many ads as you would like, as long as it is not the same posting. Once your ads have expired you can repost them as you choose.

Craiglist has made a lot of people rich who did exactly what you are doing here. For a 100% free method you cannot lose anything by using this service Craiglist offers.

My suggestion is to post about seven to ten different ads for each company you are promoting. Create each ad in a different location, by selecting a few large Metropolitan areas, and a few smaller ones. Again make sure you completely rewrite your ad's title and description for each posing so you do not get flagged for double posting.

If you are having trouble getting your ads posted due to double posting, a little trick is to sign up for another Craigslist account using a different e-mail address. Still, you should re-create your ad; do not use the same ad twice in a different location while your ads are active.

Additional Craigslist Opportunity - Many people have been promoting their Craigslist ad links. I will explain what to do; you are going to still post whatever companies you would like to Craigslist ads. Every Craigslist ad you will create will have is separate Web address URL, which can be promoted by using all of the posting methods we provide. What this has been doing for our members is getting their Craigslist ads indexed on the search engines, as well as producing quick sales. As I mentioned to go to Google and do some searches, and you will see several Craigslist ads that have been indexed in their search engine, many of these may be current members.

Posting to Craigslist - VIDEO TUTORIALS




In my next post I will talk about the 4 and 5 posting methods.


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