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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Posting Data Submissions To Internet-Part III

As I promised in last post I will continue with the 4 and 5 posting methods.

Posting Method #4 - Opt-in E-Mailers


Opt-in E-Mailers

Result Time:

Can be as soon as one hour after posting

Posting Frequency:

Post each company as allowed in your e-mailer account

The object of this tool
The next way to make a web announcement is by e-mail marketing. This can be a very good way to get sales for the companies you are promoting, and it is all done in a professional manner. The methods I teach you are called "Opt-in." This is in no way spamming, as I will explain in a bit. You will be able to reach thousands of prospective buyers by typing a short e-mail and clicking a button.

E-mail Statistics
Jupiter Communications reports that e-mail marketing will become a $12.3 billion
business by 2009. Over 80% of consumers will be communicating via e-mail by 2009 according to Forrester Research. eMarketer reports that by year-end 2008, there will be 250 million e-mail users. E-mail volume has already eclipsed postal mail.

Obviously with startling statistics like this, e-mail should be a major part of your online and offline marketing strategies.

Using E-mail
The power of e-mail marketing is truly the "killer app" of the Internet. It is totally
revolutionizing direct marketing. Just by sending out a simple e-mail – you have the power to create cash on demand. Imagine, anytime you need more money, you just hit SEND! With the automated method it can sometimes be that easy.

Instant Results - Minutes after sending out your e-mail campaign you can start seeing responses and orders.

Low cost - No printing, no postage, no mail house charges. E-mail is nearly free to send out!

Testing on the go - How fast do you want to see results? Instead of waiting weeks
for responses and test results – you’ll have them in hours. Now, you can make
smarter decisions sooner.

Quick to create - You could whip out an e-mail in just an hour or less as opposed to weeks in the "offline" world.

High response rates - It’s not unusual for opt-in e-mail campaigns to get 5%, 10%, 15%, even 50% response rates something that’s almost unheard of in direct mail.

The Truth about "Opt-in" and "Permission" E-mail Marketing
If you’ve been on the Net for any length of time. I`m sure you’ve heard of spam. That’s the name for unsolicited commercial e-mail, mostly the "get rich quick" and "send me a dollar" pyramid schemes that find their way into your inbox. Many short-term minded marketers feel that since e-mail is practically free they can send out thousands and thousands of e-mails hoping for a handful of sales while dealing with the risks involved. We
don’t think that’s a good idea.

"Opt-In" Direct E-mail is the practice sending commercial e-mail to recipients that HAVE approved receiving commercial e-mail. These opt-in lists are targeted e-mail lists that offer marketers a "politically correct" way to reach their target audience on the net. Not only will your offer be sent to a targeted list, you won't have to worry about any problems because all recipients have "opted in" to receive offers like yours.

E-Mail format
An e-mail is formatted in two places, the "Subject", and the "Message". The subject is the first thing the e-mail reader will see, and this is what will determine whether they will open the e-mail or delete it. The message is where you will give the reader the description of what the company you are promoting is offering.

The important "subject line"
The subject line is what will make of break an e-mail campaign, if your e-mail gets read, you are one step closer to clsong the deal.

Savvy Internet marketers know that they must apply timeless direct-marketing principles, strategy and tactics to their Internet marketing in order to be effective. Here's how profitable direct marketing applies to e-mail marketing on the internet.

1) Think of your e-mail "Subject" line as the teaser copy on the envelope of a direct-mail piece. Envelope teaser copy has one over-riding purpose to get the envelope opened! And the purpose of your e-mail "Subject" line is to get the e-mail opened!

2) Think of the e-mail "Subject" line as the headline on a sales letter. The purpose of the headline is to make the prospect read the letter. And the purpose of the "Subject" line of your e-mail is to get the prospect to open the e-mail and read it! Simply apply the principles of writing good teaser copy and headlines to the art and science of writing good e-mail "Subject" lines.

Here's how:

Put the offer in the subject line. Here's an example of one for an office products company:

"1000 Address Labels Only $12.99 - Save $6.00!"

Clear as a bell, ain't it?

The key is to boil down your offer to the 60 or so characters you have available in your Subject line. Do whatever it takes! Test different ways to word your offer. If it hits them in the head like a bull's eye, they'll open your e-mail to find out how to take advantage of your offer.

2) Put your affiliate link code (promotion link/hoplink) in the Subject line, with a "call to action." For example:

"Check out

Simple, isn't it? The truth is, if your wordy and windy e-mail message ends
with a call to action that sends them to the same place, why not put it up
front in the Subject line? Chances are, many readers will go there directly
from the Subject line without even opening the e-mail, just to see what's
going on! Mission accomplished!

Then again, some will open the e-mail to find the "reasons why" you want them
to go there! And, if your e-mail sales message does the job well, THEN they
will go where you want them to go!

3) Apply the "Yellow Post-It Note/Tearsheet Mailing" technique. Did you
ever get one of these in your snail mailbox? It's a direct mail piece that
looks like a newspaper or magazine article, with a yellow post-it note that
says something like:

"Bubba - get this! It's great! J"

Well, these direct mail pieces are VERY profitable! Now, here's how to apply this to e-mail Subject lines. To place a name in an e-mail you will use a piece of HTML coding in the e-mail; for example, if you want to send the filling message:

"Hey Angie, Go to https://paydotcom.com/greatwidgets/12345- It's Great!"

You would do this by inserting a HTML code like this:

"Hey {name} Go to https://paydotcom.com/greatwidgets/12345- It's Great!"

The code can also be {name} depending on the service you use to send the e-mails. Check with the service you will use to see if this option is available.)

Test your subject lines
Write at least one e-mail Subject line in each of the three styles outlined above. Then test it against what you are doing now, or use it to start a new project. Test and compare many different approaches. Roll out with the winners. And then keep testing new Subject lines and go for a breakthrough! It's doable!

How to create the perfect e-mail "message"
It’s absolutely critical that you format your e-mails to 65 characters or less per line You see, everyone’s e-mail programs are different. That’s why sometimes you’ll see e-mails you receive look all screwy like this:

"Blah, blah, blah, blah,
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,
Blah, Blah, blah, blah…."

That’s a dead giveaway that you don’t know what you’re doing. So the secret is to make your messages 65 characters or less and use a hard return (that means hit the ‘Enter’ key when you get to 65 characters). You can create your messages using MS Word for spell checking and so you can get a word count.

Also, use a fixed-width font like Courier New at 10-point when writing. Then after you’ve edited the e-mail several times you will save that file as .TXT file (it’s one of the options under FileSave As). Then you will open up that .TXT file (text only) and set up a guide to use so you know where 65 characters occurs. A text-only file will open in your default text-editing program something like WordPad or NotePad.

"Good looks" are very important in an e-mail message. This is often overlooked
by many e-mail users. It is a fact that an e-mail's content is diluted greatly if the message itself is "not good looking". Have you ever received an e-mail message that looks something like this...

"Thank you for requesting more information about our services! We here at ABC Company would like to present a special offer to all of our cherished customers."

There are two main reasons why e-mail messages turn out looking like this.
Although the reasons are quite simple, many e-mail users don't understand them.
Reason number one is called line length. When composing e-mail, most people
just type and type without using a hard carriage return. If it looks fine when you're
done, your e-mail program probably automatically wraps the words in a nice
legible format. This word wrap is usually done based on a line length of
anywhere from 70 to 80 characters.

MOST IMPORTANT - Always add your affiliate link code (Promotion link/hoplink) in the body of your e-mail description a few lines after your main message, along with the "call to action" as we have shown you in Tool #4 (creating classifieds in BestMall demo). Here is a copy of how to place your promotion link into the e-mail message.

Sample E-Mail Message:

If you are like me and are tired of these outrageous gas prices, you should check out my site, Gas-Savers. There are 62 ways guaranteed to save you money at the pump. Stop paying the crazy gas prices, and start saving today. I will even give you some free cool bonuses I think you will enjoy.

To find out more go to:

You notice how I`ve placed the PayDotCom promotion link separate from the body of the e-mail message with the "call to action" of "To find out more go to." This is what you will want to do in all your e-mail messages.

Email Tips
When writing your e-mail copy throw everything you learned in English 101 out the

1. Personalize
There’s nothing better for a person than to see their name. Use personalization in the subject line and inside the body of the e-mail (but don’t overdo it so it looks hokey).

2. Write just like you talk
Use plain, easy to understand English. Nobody cares if you can use "xenophobia" and "ostentatious" in a sentence. Write almost like you’re talking to a buddy over a beer. So that means use contractions. Be friendly and personable in your writing.

3. Put passion into your e-mail
Since you won’t have the luxury of seeing your prospect eye-to-eye to gauge their
reactions you need to put extra passion into your message. Even if you think you are overdoing it when you write, your letter will end understated when it gets read. Get enthusiastic!

4. Write to one
Try to think of the ideal prospect as you are writing and make the message just for them. Even if your web site will be read by thousands of people each day every person will read it one at a time. Use "you" and "your" liberally. Focus on them, not yourself.

5. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short
Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and simple. Period. Paragraphs should be no more than 4 or 5 lines. You want your e-mail to look easy to read with a lot of white space. Make it inviting. Long blocks of words are scary. Paragraph breaks do not need to be determined by content.

6. Use plenty of compelling subheads
Subheads should be like mini-headlines. Use them to break up large bodies of text and to bring people back into the body of the letter.

A lot of people will scan your e-mail so you need to make your subheads give a complete selling.

7. Eliminate excess wording
Simplify. Convey your message in a clear and concise manner but remember that doesn’t necessarily mean keep it short. You need to ruthlessly edit your e-mail for flow.

8. Use action verbs whenever possible
If you see too many "as," "is," "was," or "were," replace them. Sentences using action verbs are more powerful.

When writing your e-mail you want it clear enough so any 6th grader could understand it. Now you probably think your prospects are a lot smarter than 6th graders but nobody has time anymore to sit down and figure out what you’re trying to say -- so keep your writing simple and straightforward.

Here is a sample of a completed e-mail before submitting

Manual Opt-in Services (100% Free)
I have a list of services that will let you e-mail members of their opt-in list. They are 100% free to use with limitations. You will only be able to use each of these e-mail opt-in services once a week for your e-mails. If you upgrade to a pay membership you will be able to send opt-in e-mails everyday.

How the opt-in e-mail services work
To use these e-mail services, also known as "Safelists," you will need to know how to get signed up and how they work. We will show you step-by-step how to easily get signed up with the safelists of your choice.

Step 1
After you have chosen the safelist to sign up with, you will click on the Web site I will list, and choose the sign-up option. Some will offer upgrades that you will not need to use. All of these safelists offer free sign-ups, and free-to-use services.

Step 2
You will need to fill out a short sign-up sheet which will include you choosing a username, password, and your basic information. If you choose to promote their e-mail service, they will include a payment option (promoting their service is optional and not required to use their services). The most important part of the sign-up process is choosing your e-mails. These services will require TWO e-mail accounts, one for contacting you, and the other for what is called "Subscription" or "Listing" e-mail. Here are the two differences:

Contact E-Mail: This will be where the e-mail safelist company will send you information in regards to your account matters. You usually will not receive any additional e-mails to this account.

Subscription or Listing E-Mail: - This is where other opt-in members will send e-mails to you in return for you to send e-mails to other opt-in members. It will be important to use the secondary e-mail account we mentioned earlier to sign-up with. You will get a lot of e-mail offers to this account. You do not need to read the offers if you choose. However, you will need to delete these to keep your account from bouncing the e-mails back, which can disqualify you from the opt-in program. Also never mark the e-mails as spam, as this can also disqualify you from the program. That is why I suggested getting a second free e-mail that you will not need to worry about this account, accept to check it every so often to clear it out.

Some of these e-mail services will present additional offers and services; always click "NO," or bypass the offers if possible.

After you have signed up with the e-mail safelists, you will need to verify your newly created account by going to your e-mail accounts and clicking the verification these safelists will send. You can then log into your account to start sending you e-mail messages.

You will never need to upgrade your account at any time. The services will try to have you do this whenever possible. This is 100% free as long as you do not choose the paid e-mail option on sign up or upgrade at any time, and I will list enough companies so you can reach a large audience of people.

Here is the list of safelist e-mail services:

Herculist BusinessWorldList OptinLister Cash4U
Cash-Blaster Elite-Hosting SuperSafeList SafeListDepot
Northwest Mailer SafelistGlobal MarkeToolBox PlanetX

Remember you can only post once a week to any safelist you signed up for, so you should sign up for as many as you feel you will need to post your e-mails.

The manual method I have just shown you is as hard as this will get but keep in mind that once you have your accounts set up the next time will be simple, you will just login to your account to send your e-mails.

Posting Method #4 - VIDEO TUTORIAL

Posting Method #5 - Article Submitting


Article-posting sites

Result Time:

Can be instant once articles are approved; 3 to 5 days

Posting Frequency:

Post each company just ONCE to this, tool

The object of this tool
One of the best ways to promote your company's promotion links is to type short articles to be posted to the web. If you do your own research you will see that this is one of the top promotion methods recommended by Webmasters. What this will accomplish is 1.) to get back-links to your promotion links, and 2.) to get a reader's attention about the company's product you are promoting. If the reader decides to visit the site you have posted in your article through your affiliate promotion link/hoplink, then you get the commission. The articles you will submit will be picked up by Internet directories, search engines, and Web Sites as well. This will create a large reader base for your articles.

How to prepare articles
When preparing your articles you will want to create them in a certain manner. You do not need to type a novel a simple two or three-paragraph article relating to the company you are promoting will do. You also do not want to make it sound too much like an advertisement, just some simple facts about the company you are promoting. This is why you want to do some good research about the company you are promoting so you can pick out some good points about the company to include in your article. To better help you on how to format your articles for publication, you can go to this article posting site and read various articles to get an idea on how to format them for publishing. Here is one site to visit called EzineArticles.
CLICK HERE to visit their site.

After visiting Ezinearticles.com you will have noticed that many of these articles are very short and to the point. You can take some good points directly from the Web site of the company you are promoting and put them in your articles. You would have also noticed that in all of these articles you see the author has directed the reader to the company they are promoting through their Web site/promotion links. Some article sites will offer not only a place to post your article, but also a separate place to post your links.

The hardest part is to create the article; the rest is simple. If you are thinking this is not going to be worth the effort, think again! You will be amazed at the return you will get from your efforts. Many Internet marketers use article typing to create an empire of wealth. No lie! As we mentioned earlier, do a search for "making money with articles" and read how some Internet Marketers have become millionaires from this. I`m not going to promise you that, but I will tell you that your efforts will be well worth it.

How many sites to post to
Although this tool is optional, I suggest you post the company you are promoting to at least two or three sites if you have time. The way to maximize your earning potentials is to post to all the sites I will list, or at least try to post to 15 to 20. You will post the same article to all the sites, so after you create one article it is just a matter of posting it to the article sites. I have a special software for you to use that can post your article to each site in a matter of a few minutes.

A. Manual Submitting to Article Companies
The software I provide below "Article Submit Software" MAY NOT work on all computers. There is nothing we can do to get this to work if it is not working properly. So I have a manual method to use if Article Submit Pro does not work. Even if the Article Submit Pro software does work properly for you, I may suggest to use the manual method as well, because it works so well.

What you will do is go to the two major article submitting sites EZINEARTICLES.com, and GOARTICLES.com. You will manually submit your articles to these sites. Being these are the two largest article submitting companies, you will be able to submit to these companies and it will be picked up by several other smaller article sites and posted to the Internet.



Article Submitting Introduction - VIDEO TUTORIAL








Submitting Articles to GOARTICLES - VIDEO TUTORIAL

B. Article Submit Pro Automated Submitting Software
I have a tool called "Article Submit Pro" that will enable you to post your articles to several article sites with a click of a button. This can save you hours of time. I will walk you through the tutorial to show you how to download and use this tool effectively.

Step 1
To begin, you will need to download the Article Submit Pro software

Step 2
After you have downloaded it, you will need to install it to your computer. When you open the "Article Submit Pro" it will look like this:

Step 3
Fill in your personal information.

Most of this is just basic information such as name, address, and phone number. Your personal information will not be posted, it is only for when you will sign up and sign into the article-posting sites.

I have placed some key points in the illustration above such as:

Website URL - This is where you will post your affiliate promotion link/hoplink to the company you are promoting. You can easily change this when it is time to post another company.

Website Title - This is where you can post a short title that best describes the company you are promoting. This will also be changed every time you post a new company.

Username and Password - At the bottom of this step it asks for a username and password. This will be for the Article Directories that require a login. Article Submit Pro suggests you use your e-mail address as the username for any and all directory sites you sign up to. This way you will be assured that no one else already has the same user name, and it will work for all the directory sites you submit to.

Click to next top button, "Articles," to continue

Step 4
Click the "Add Article" Button and a box will pop open which will look like this:

Title: Enter your article's title in the first space.

Article: In the second space, enter the full article you are submitting. A good suggestion is to keep it between 250 to 500 words max. If you submit less the 250 you will be okay, just do not go over 500.

Summary: In the third space, enter a brief summary of your article - 50 to 75 words should do.

Keywords: In the forth space enter any keywords that relate to your article, such as "Work from Home" if you are typing an article about a work-from-home company, or select a keyword such as "Dog Training" if the company you are promoting is about dog training, etc.

Then click "OK" to save your article.

You may enter multiple articles in this way. The articles will stay saved here and you may select them to submit to the article sites at any time.

Select the article you wish to submit by clicking it. You will see that it will stay highlighted when it is selected.

Click the next top button, "Web sites," to continue

The following screen will appear:

Step 5
In this step you will select the directories you want to post to. You may select just a few by using the check boxes, or select all of them by clicking the "Select all " button.

I`m going to give you a list of the best article site directories to post your articles to. You may select as many or few as you would like, or select them all. Place check marks next to any or all of the following:

Sites To Check Off:
A Woman In Business
About Small Business Information
Add Me
Article Bar
Article City
Article Farm
Article Pros
Articles Haven
Articles Magazines
Big Articles
Blog Widow
Business Know How
Business Knowledge Source
Common Connections
Concept Marketing Group
Comuli Ezine Finder
Digital Women
Dime Consultants
Fresh Articles
Home Business Articles
Internet Search Engines FAQ
Marketing Troll
Marketing Seek
More 4 You Article Directory
Morgan Article Archive
Promotion Data
Promotion World
Purple Pages
Reprint Articles
Self SEO
Site Reference
Small Biz Portal
Super Publisher
T&I Grafix
The All I Need
U Promote
Uncover The Net
Webmaster's Library
Work On Internet
Zone Bot

Edit only if needed
While you will not need to edit the directory sites often, it may become necessary if any of them ever change their login page or submission page URL.

Click on the site you wish to edit and select the "Edit button."

A box will open; enter the new login or submission URL for the article site. You may also save individual site's login details with this same method.

You may also delete article directories with the "Delete" button in this step.

In addition, if you would like you have the option to add new article sites that are not listed, such as

After you have selected the article sites, you will click the next top button "Auto Fill,"

That will bring you to the following screen:

Step 6
This is the auto-fill submission step.

The first time you run the software you will most likely need to sign-up at all of the directory sites that require a login for submission.

The first time you run the software will require a bit more work than usual, but the payoff will be worth the time spent, because if you save your passwords, the next time you run the software if you have saved your passwords they will all auto fill to log you in.

Again, I recommend using your e-mail address as your login so you can use the same login for all of the sites you sign-up for; this will make the process much easier next time you submit articles.

If you have not selected an article, this function will not work, so be sure you have completed all previous steps before attempting to start submitting your articles.

To start posting your articles, click on the "Start" button located on the bottom left of the submitter.

Article Submitter does not just blast your articles to hundreds of sites unattended. If it did there would be too many sites that would think your articles were just spam, as every directory site's submission process is a bit different, not to mention that they change all the time.

The purpose of Article Submitter is to help you submit your articles in much less time than they would take to manually submit, by placing the access to all of the directories in one handy software.

Article Submitter will then auto fill all of your information, including your articles, once it is at each site.

You will still need to manually select the categories your articles belong in and manually hit the submit button on each site. This small bit of manual interaction on each site keeps your submissions appearing totally manual, and it makes your articles appear to be of much better quality than articles submitted by similar Article Submitter "Spam Machines."

I again point out that the first time through is always the toughest because of the initial signing-up on the articles site, getting used to the features of this software, etc. Once you start using this, it will become so simple you will be able to post your articles in a matter of a couple of minutes or less.

Step 7 (Optional Manual Submissions)
The last button on the Article Submitter Pro is for manual article posting sites; it is optional if you want to post this way as they will require more interaction on your part.

On the few directory sites that are set up to not allow auto-fill on their forums, they created the manual-fill step.

You can still try the auto-fill button at the bottom of this step. Many times you will have much of the content filled in for you, but for the most part, on these sites, you will still need to manually fill in the content the old fashioned way.

Posting to article sites can earn you big paychecks.

Article Submit Pro Software - VIDEO TUTORIAL

I holpe this information helps everyone and you will make big money. In my next post i will talk about the Posting Data Submission Using Paid Methods.


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